Some Sheepish Knits For You






I am so sorry for the delay in posting. It is cross country season here for my thirteen year old son and that means non-stop meets for several months; however, tomorrow will be his last one.

I am wondering if any of you have started knitting for the holidays yet or if you intend to do so. I love these projects above; anytime a little whimsy is added to anything, I am all for it. Please send me pictures of any whimsical projects you have done, I would love to see them!

Also, I realized I have not shared a yummy recipe with you yet. These look so good I am going to have to make them right away. There's a chill in the air, are you getting the urge to bake yet? Try these Maple, Pecan, and Butternut Shortbread Bars from Adventures in Cooking. Let me know if you try these!

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