Swatching to Beat The Band

As I promised a few posts back, here is my swatch of the organic merino bulky wool I purchased at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber festival a few months ago. This yarn is so nice to work with and is such a good quality that it has been fun to knit with.

At this point the swatch is telling me it wants to be a scarf. I will admit, I am such a perfectionist and want whatever I end up making to be perfect for this yarn and to turn out really well. So much goes into designing something I am finding out. Everything has to work, the right needle size, the right yarn, gauge, etc., etc. In other words, all the planets must be lined up. Don't get me wrong, the swatching part is fun but is a little unnerving at the same time.

While I like the technicality and beauty of cables and lacework, a lot of times I really just prefer the simplicity of garter and stockinette stitch which is what I have combined here.

Erika Knight, the well-known British designer, is one who is very good at bringing beauty and elegance out of simplicity as shown in these designs from her book, "Simple Knitting".

I leave you with these words,

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
 Leonardo da Vinci

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