A Trip Down The Fiber Fantastic

I recently attended the Louisville Area Fiber & Textile Artists Group Exhibition at the Carnegie Center for Art and History (a great local art museum). It was a lot of fun and very inspirational. It is amazing what people can do with fabric, string, thread, yarn, clay, etc., AMAZING. I took a few pictures, hoping to give you some idea of the talent we are all capable of. I really believe that. If we would just take the time, start experimenting and let the creative juices flow, we might be amazed at what we can do.

For instance, this project, "Suitcases" by Jenna Richards, is showcasing sweaters that have been dipped in slip (liquefied clay particles) and fired. Pretty cool, huh? (I love those old suitcases, I have some just like them that were my grandmother's. Hang on to that stuff, right?)

"Three Poplars" by Luci Mistratov involves painting, stamping, embellishment, lamination and needle felting in parts.

"A Touch Of The Sea" embroidery done by Leigh Payne.

"Zen" by Beth Schnellenberger is a combination of a lot of materials and methods: commercial fabric, beads, embroidery floss, paper piecing, hand embroidery, beading yoyos, applique and machine quilting.

And last but not least, "The Threads of Lindisfarne" by Bette Levy consists of silk thread on noil (or raw silk) and hand embroidery. I hope you enjoyed my trip to the art museum!

Here's my latest endeavor. My son has laid claim to this, wanting me to turn it into a hat for him, which is what I had intended it to be anyway. Any knitting going on this weekend? What are you making? At this time of year I always am tempted by the thought well should I knit Christmas presents or not? Maybe for my kids but that's about all I have time for, right? Who needs the pressure! Have a happy, textury (a new word I just made up) kind of weekend.

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