Beauty, in the Eye of the Beholder and the Coloriste

//Lichen (from my backyard): An organism that consists of alga and a fungus. It grows very slowly, there are around 25,000 species and it comes in all kinds of colors: gray-green (majority of the lichen), white, yellow, yellow-green, red, orange, brown and black. No wonder it is a popular natural dye for yarn, among other things. Red2white offers an article on using lichen for dying fabric (namely silk and cotton muslin) and wool along with some nice images.

//Pinterest: Lichen growing on a branch. 

//More backyard "color".

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//Pine cones: Another source of color and they are in most backyards! I have not done a lot of dyeing with natural products but have experimented with onion skins and turmeric with some pretty good results (see below). Apartment Therapy has a good article on using pine cones and other items as well as Leena Riihela of Riihivilla. 

Did you also know that the scales on a pine cone are arranged in a spiral in fibonacci number ratios? How cool is that?

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//My own attempts at yarn dyeing with either red or yellow onion skins(I failed to record my proceedings!)

//The two yellow skeins were dyed using turmeric which most of us have in our kitchen, right?

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