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Happy Monday everyone! Well I have finished the Oat cowl and it is a beauty! So easy to make and quick, just what you want in a knitting project, right? Check it out:

I have cast on for another of the Tin Can Knit projects I told you about recently, the Wheat scarf (see below). I have barely started, cast on and knit about three inches worth, but I think it will be every bit as easy and quick as the last project. I am knitting it up in Alpaca With a Twist's Highlander which is 45% baby alpaca, 45% merino wool, 8% microfiber and 2% viscose in a worsted weight, 3-ply. It is a very 
soft heathery yarn in the colorway Hawthorne Pink, #3014.

I also realized I have never shown you my very first knitted design, the "Sunflower Wrap" knit out of a handpainted 100% superwash merino, worsted 4-ply by Yarn Daze in the colorway Sunflower. The main pattern is a diagonal weave with a garter stitch edging. I was pretty happy with it being my first design and it wasn't too hard to execute. It's not something I want to publish, I want to keep pushing myself to do better things! Below, you will also see a great little book I use to keep my design notes, swatches, etc. in called "Knit Notes" by Nadine Curtis of Be Sweet yarns, you must check out her website to see all of her great yarns as well. It is great for keeping everything organized as it relates to knitwear design.

Hence, the finished product:

xoxo Shannon

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