Progress on "Aya" and "In The Pink"

//Here it is, almost half-way done! I love the progression of color in this yarn, it is a joy to behold. Have any of you knit with Noro before? Well, I have not and this is also my first time to work with silk. It definitely has a different feel but the visual and tactile effect is spectacular, don't you agree?!

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//A little peak at the "In The Pink" scarf as showcased in this previous post. I am happy with the color change I made and really like the progression!

//New and exciting stuff in the world of blogging:
  • Sheep & Stitch:  A fairly new site (to me anyway) with a lot of information to offer, namely about knitting, patterns, etc. 
  • Little Things Blogged: a great crochet site with great colors and pictures.
  • Tolt Yarn and Wool: a neighborhood knitting and spinning shop located in Carnation, Washington. Check out their blog.
  • Harmony and Rosie: written by a displaced Brit living in Vancouver, a very simple and elegant blog with some great pics.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Liesl Made: another great knitting/food/sewing, etc. site with great images written by a girl named, (wait for it) Liesl who lives in New Jersey.
//Patterns I am ogling in my Ravelry library:
Any favorite blogs and/or patterns you would like to share with the rest of us? Happy hump day!

xoxo Shannon

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