Finger Knitting, Etc.

Has anyone ever tried finger knitting? Leave it to my 13 year old son to show me how. I couldn't believe it, he learned this in his art class recently and came home to show me how it is done. He did most of what you see in the above picture, I did one row. It is relatively easy, it's just a matter of getting the hang of it and getting over the awkwardness of winding the yarn up and over your fingers. This is a great way to introduce knitting to kids. My son seemed somewhat enthralled with it anyway. Give it a try or teach your children. Here's a link to show you how.

//It is done! Yes, the Brett Hat is finally done. This is my own design consisting of a knit 2, purl 2 ribbing for the brim, stockinette stitch for the body with some color work as you can see. Stripes are the way to go when first starting to use different colors. For me for some strange reason, it was hard to cut the yarn when changing colors, but you get used to it after doing it a few times. The pom pom was a first for me and I was pleased with the outcome. The basis for this pattern came from Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns", a very helpful and informative book everyone should have!

Wouldn't you know,  about half way through knitting this, my son Brett decides he wants to give the hat away to a friend for Christmas. So sadly, this will not be staying in the family. After you have put time and effort into something it is a little hard to let it go!

Are you all ready for the holidays? Only four more days! Remember the REASON for the season.

xoxo Shannon

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