Bulky Knitting

I am fascinated with bulky knitting. I guess I just love the big texture that is so out there and so interesting. I am seeing it a lot these days it seems - in furniture, accessories, etc.

These stools from here are so fun! They are very organic looking, very tactile.

Love these blankets, I just want to wrap myself up in them and the color!

Would love to make this!

And this.

I am dying to get this natural organic merino bulky wool I bought recently at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival onto my needles for a swatch. The great thing about bulky knitting is it goes fast. You can get whatever project you are working on done in no time.

Let me know what you are making in a bulky yarn. It is almost Fall afterall. Send me some pictures, I would love to see what you all are doing out there!

Happy Thursday.

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